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easyFBT 2023 is here!

We are pleased to advise that easyFBT 2023 Fringe Benefits Tax Solution is now available for purchase and download. This first release for 2023 contains the general rate changes for this year as well as some enhancements across the product.

Check out the change log for more information.

How to purchase easyFBT 2023

To purchase easyFBT 2023 select the Shop link on our website, add your required items to the cart using the Add to Cart buttons and then go to your cart and proceed to the checkout. Alternatively, you can contact our sales team to confirm your order requirements for easyFBT 2023 and we would then be happy to create and send you your Tax Invoice email from our sales system.

How to download easyFBT 2023

You can download the easyFBT 2023 software installer from the Downloads area on our website. Click the easyFBT 2023 folder and then click the easyFBT2023.setup.exe installer file to download it to your computer and then run the installer from there. You will be able to install this as a trial version so that you can have a look at it prior to purchasing it. Prior to installing easyFBT 2023 we also recommend that you download and follow our easyFBT 2023 Installation Guide which is also available from the easyFBT 2023 folder in the Downloads area.

If you need any assistance with easyFBT 2023 please send us a support request.

Refer a friend

Do you know anyone else who may be interested in using easyFBT to complete their FBT obligations? Refer them to us and if they purchase easyFBT we'll provide you with a 10% discount off your next purchase! Contact our sales team for more information.

We love feedback!

At One Plus One Solutions Pty Limited we are 100% committed to creating solutions that improve the way you do business so we appreciate your feedback and enhancement suggestions. Over the years easyFBT has been continually improved by including many enhancements suggested by our users.


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