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Events & Training

Looking for some training or workshops to help you complete your Fringe Benefits Tax return?

Disclaimer: Whilst One Plus One Solutions Pty Limited provides the following external links and information, they are not provided or endorsed by us and your legal relationship is with the third party supplier.

Australia Wide Taxation & Payroll Training

Australia Wide Taxation & Payroll Training (through Aerotell Pty Ltd) specialise in conducting taxation and payroll training seminars. Our taxation and payroll training has been formulated to ensure that relevant up-to-the-minute information is passed on to attendees in an easy-to-understand format. Our presenters’ expertise in taxation and payroll training results from over twenty years of taxation and accountancy experience, including several years of presenting this material in a training format.

Fringe Benefits seminars and dates are as follows:

  • Webinar: Thursday 11 March 2021 (EDST)

  • Webinar: Friday 19 March 2021 (EDST)

  • Webinar: Wednesday 24 March 2021 (EDST)

  • Webinar: Thursday 25 March 2021 (EDST) NEW

  • Webinar: Friday 26 March 2021 (Local WA) NEW

  • Webinar: Friday 9 April 2021 (EDST) NEW

  • Alice Springs: Tuesday 20 April 2021 NEW

  • Darwin: Friday 23 April 2021 NEW

  • Webinar: Thursday 6 May 2021 (EDST) NEW

FBT Webinars

For more information or to book your session, please go here.

FBT Solutions

Join Paul Mather and Peter Adams from FBT Solutions in February and March 2021 for a detailed full day FBT Workshop on preparing your 2021 FBT Return. Paul and Peter are highly experienced FBT Practitioners and FBT Trainers.

Workshop locations and dates are as follows:

  • Sydney: Tuesday 23 February 2021

  • Wollongong: Monday 1 March 2021

  • Canberra: Tuesday 2 March 2021

  • Perth: Tuesday 9 March 2021

  • Adelaide: Wednesday 10 March 2021

  • Parramatta: Monday 15 March 2021

  • Melbourne: Wednesday 17 March 2021

  • Newcastle: Friday 19 March 2021

  • Brisbane: Monday 22 March 2021

  • Gold Coast: Tuesday 23 March 2021 NEW

  • Sydney: Thursday 25 March 2021

  • Hobart: Monday 29 March 2021 NEW

  • Darwin: Wednesday 31 March 2021 NEW

For more information or to book your session, please go here.

Check back soon!

A number of our friends and colleagues within the community offer FBT related training and workshops across the year. Check back here regularly for updates on upcoming sessions. 

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