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easyFBT and Nuwaru Alliance

We are excited to announce our alliance with one of Australia’s newest and most innovative Accounting firms, Nuwaru ( “Technology” is so much more than just the technology and Nuwaru now complements and enhances the service offerings available to you through your association with easyFBT.

Nuwaru provides the full array of Technology, Tax Advisory, Tax Compliance as well as White Labelling services to support your FBT related employment tax requirements, including:

  • Managed services – set up easyFBT for the new FBT year including, roll forward, update entity structure, import data, train and update staff on recent changes;

  • Preparation &/or review – actual preparation and review of your FBT returns encompassing both technology and tax technical;

  • Training – both easyFBT technology and tax technical training;

  • Data services – if you are spending an inordinate amount of time compiling data files for import into easyFBT, Nuwaru can assist in automating or otherwise expediting the process;

  • Process reviews – a full review of your FBT process with recommendations for improvement;

  • Technical review and Tax advisory – traditional tax advisory and tax compliance services Governance review - with the recently published ATO Net Tax Gap figure of 21.2%, FBT is bound to be an area of focus in the months ahead. This review is undertaken within the framework recommended by the ATO and may be expanded to include the overall tax Governance Framework for your organisation. This is of direct relevance to the Justified Trust program;

  • Resourcing - White label services and secondments for accounting firms and companies that need to bolster their FBT team during peak periods or staff shortages, Nuwaru can provide resourcing and expertise as required.

Nuwaru’s Advisory team are typically made up of former Big 4 Partners or Heads of Tax from some of Australia’s most well-known organisations at rates materially less than half those of the Big 4.

Please contact Nuwaru for further assistance.



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