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Lodging your SBR interactions with a Firewall/Proxy Server or Anti-virus software

For organisations who use a firewall/proxy server to communicate with the internet, a firewall/proxy server may impact your ability to connect with the ATO using our updated SBR implementation. Strong anti-virus software may also interrupt your ability to interact with the ATO. Contact your IT Department to determine whether you need to configure these settings or if whitelisting are required.

How do I know whether I might need to configure any of these settings?

Ideally your IT Department will be able to assist you to determine whether you need to make these changes. Alternatively, if you find you are receiving an Exit code 15: There was a problem with the account token message in your SBRInteraction.log file then this may be an indicator that you are unable to connect to SBR web services. (Note: You can also get Exit Code 15 when you don't have internet connectivity so please ensure that you can connect to the internet first before proceeding).

Configuring your proxy server

Activate your entity and open the Interactions tab via the Tools -> Options menu:

To configure your proxy server connection, you will need to select the Use a proxy checkbox and enter the information given to you. Your IT Department can only provide this information which is specific to your network - the above is an example only.


In addition to configuring a proxy server, you may also need your IT Department to whitelist the following URLs in your corporate firewall or anti-virus software to ensure proper access to allow you to submit your FBT return:

  • *

  • *

  • *

Tip: click on the Copy to Clipboard button on the Interactions tab to copy these whitelist URLs for you to then paste them into an e-mail for your IT Department.

Verifying your proxy server configuration is enabled

To verify your proxy server is enabled, open the SBR Interaction Wizard, make your selections and on the Ready to process dialog you can review your interaction settings:

Where a proxy server is enabled it will be shown as listed above. The above proxy server connection command line is an example only.

Anti-virus threat protection

Depending on the strength of your anti-virus software you may be required to exclude the following file from being blocked or captured:

  • easyfbt 2022: C:\Program Files (x86)\One Plus One Solutions Pty Limited\easyFBT2022\SBR\bin\ato.exe

Tip: If this file is captured by your anti-virus software you may receive an exception error message in your SBRInteraction.log file.