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ATO Standard Business Reporting (SBR) Status

This post will contain the latest status and updates surrounding the Standard Business Reporting (SBR) online services. Scheduled maintenance periods should be viewed on regular basis (particularly during the busy May-June lodgment period) to ensure you stay informed when you need to use this service in easyFBT.

If you are having connection issues or problems with the lodgment process check here first before lodging a support ticket.

Last Updated: 10 April 2024

Current ATO SBR2 system status

View the current status of the ATO SBR2 cloud service:

View the current status of the Practitioner Lodgment Service (PLS):

ATO API system maintenance

View the latest SBR2 PROD2 Cloud services outages and system maintenance list:

System Maintenance

Weekly and general system maintenance which may affect SBR lodgments. View the latest update to date scheduled maintenance:

Weekly systems release – start and finish times

ATO online systems may be impacted in part or in full for scheduled weekly maintenance at the following times:

Tuesday 11:30pm AEDT - Wednesday 7:00am AEDT

Thursday 11:30pm AEDT - Friday 7:00am AEDT

Saturday 11:30 pm AEDT - Sunday 7:00am AEDT

Systems maintenance – start and finish times

Click the above link to review the latest schedule.



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