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​easyFBT is an advanced tax compliance tool providing a complete solution for your Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) obligations. Start a free trial today. 

How do I get started?


Well, there are a couple of ways! If you are the hands-on type, feel free to register and download easyFBT - we offer a free trial for you to try. Otherwise contact us to organise an on-site or over-the-web no-obligation demonstration.

What are the requirements?


easyFBT is as simple to install as it is to use - your IT department will love us! All we require is a computer no more than 4-5 years old, either Windows 7, 8 or 10 and the Microsoft .Net Framework v4.6.2 or better installed.

Can I lodge online with the ATO?


Yes! easyFBT includes the ability to interact directly with the ATO's Standard Business Reporting (SBR) portal. You can both Verify and Submit your return and easily review each interaction. If you have yet to get an AUSkey you can still produce and lodge the paper form instead.

Can I give feedback / request features?


At One Plus One Solutions Pty Limited we are 100% committed to creating solutions that improve the way you do business so we love to get your feedback and suggestions! Over the years easyFBT has been continually improved by including many changes driven by our users. We want you to enjoy using the program too!

Frequently asked questions

Large Corporate, VIC


easyFBT has made my job much easier to prepare the annual FBT Return. It was definitely the best move to start using your software three years ago.

Large Corporate, VIC

Survey feedback

Great reliable product with excellent support provided!

Chartered Accountant, NSW


As a firm of Chartered Accountants, easyFBT saved us many hours compared to using spreadsheets to handle our FBT calculations.

Large Corporate, VIC

Survey feedback

easyFBT is user-friendly, accurate and quick to use with a great reporting system. It is by far the best FBT software package I have come across and the customer support was outstanding. On the rare occasion I needed support, my problem was resolved in minutes.

Large Corporate, VIC


We found the easyFBT software very user friendly to work with and helped us meet our lodgement deadlines.

What our users are saying...

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Find the right version of easyFBT to suit your organisation size and requirements. Learn about our different range of products and discover the more important features you'll need to complete your reporting obligations and lodge your return.


For general employers across diverse business sectors from schools, councils and government departments to any size corporation.

Tax Agents

For registered tax agents who prepare, review or lodge FBT returns on behalf of clients.

Motor Vehicle Dealers

For registered motor vehicle dealer/traders with specific vehicle pooling requirements.

Delivering great experiences

You expect the best experience, service and support. At One Plus One Solutions Pty Limited we understand your expectations and work tirelessly to meet and exceed them. See what easyFBT has to offer and let us know how we can help you deliver your best, without limits and at an affordable price.

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