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easyFBT 2024 update (April 2024) is now available

One Plus One Solutions Pty Limited are pleased to advise that the easyFBT 2024 forms version update (2024.1.0.5) is now available for download. This release contains the final 2024 ATO Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) Return form which can be produced as a paper form for manual lodgement with the ATO as per prior years or when using the Electronic Lodgement (SBR) Interaction Manager to lodge electronically.

NOTE: The latest easyFBT 2024 installer file is available from the easyFBT 2024 folder on the Downloads page.

easyFBT login authentication system

The ATO requires any software that connects to the Standard Business Reporting (SBR) system must provide a comprehensive login system to help protect users sensitive tax data. Each time you start easyFBT you are required to login to the application. Note: The easyFBT software login is separate to your easyFBT website login (if you have one).

IMPORTANT: Shared user logins must NOT be used. Each person logging into easyFBT must have a unique user login and only use that to access easyFBT.

If you haven't already created a software login for easyFBT (for either the current year or a prior year) then please read the following easyFBT login authentication system blog post for further information and step-by-step instructions.

How to update your existing easyFBT 2024 software

All installers of easyFBT contain the full release of the software (for that product year). Where you have already installed an earlier release of easyFBT 2024 just download the latest installer file from the easyFBT 2024 folder on the Downloads page and then run this on all computers that have easyFBT 2024 installed.

  • Any existing 2024 entities and each individual user’s personal settings will not be touched during an easyFBT software installation. Regardless, we still recommend that you make sure you have a backup of your entities before proceeding with any easyFBT software installation.

SBR Machine Credential Requirement

If you intend to lodge your FBT Return form electronically then you will need to have a valid machine credential for each ABN being lodged.

The following is a link to the ATO's Guide: How to Install a Machine Credential which details the steps required to install a new machine credential, if you don't already have a valid one:

The following is a link to the ATO's Relationship Authorisation Manager (RAM) where you can manage your machine credentials:

How to purchase easyFBT 2024

If you haven't already purchased easyFBT 2024 then you can do this within the Shop link on our website. Alternatively, you can contact our sales team to confirm your order requirements for easyFBT 2024 and we would then be happy to create and send you your Tax Invoice email from our sales system.

Useful resources

Did you know easyFBT comes with a number of templates, guides and other resources? The following resources are also available in the easyFBT 2024 Downloads page to assist you using easyFBT:

  • Installation guide

  • User guide

  • Workpaper import template

  • E-mail service configuration guide

  • RFBA e-mail body and letter templates

We love feedback!

At One Plus One Solutions Pty Limited we are 100% committed to creating a software solution that makes your FBT compliance obligations easier so we would appreciate any feedback/suggestions to help us make easyFBT even better.

Over the years easyFBT has been continually improved by including many useful suggestions provided by our valued users. We really want you to enjoy using easyFBT.


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